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MAC offers more than just bookkeeping.

We provide bookkeeping and financial services for over 400 government entities and our team has over 150 years of combined bookkeeping, auditing and investment experience. We are well-versed in the intricacies of government financial reporting which we use to enhance and verify the integrity of your accounting data. Our proprietary reporting provides clear and concise data so you can easily understand your financial situation.

150 years combined experience in bookkeeping, consulting and investments for government entities.

Services We Provide

Municipal Accounts & Consulting, L.P. is capable of providing a turn-key bookkeeping solution for governmental entities, water districts, not-for profits, businesses and individuals. We can work alongside you at your office or coordinate remotely to save time, effort and resources. Our Bookkeepers handle the full cycle accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, bank reconciliations, investments and general consulting. For districts that utilize the county Tax Assessor Collector for collection of their ad valorem taxes on behalf of their political taxing authority, we can reconcile and report with complete transparency collections based on current data received from the county. With over forty (40) on staff, we have a great diversity of talent that can be matched to meet your needs.

With over forty (40) bookkeepers on staff, we have a great diversity
of talent that can be matched to meet your specific needs.
Municipal Accounts can:

  • Provide a Turn-Key Accounting Solution
  • Work alongside you at your office or coordinate remotely to save time, effort and resources
  • Provide Full Cycle Bookkeeping:
    • Accounts payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Payroll
    • Bank Reconciliations
    • Investments
    • Financial Statements
    • General Consulting

We currently maintain books and records for over 250 utility districts, cities and municipalities, with many having multiple accounts and ledgers. The positive relationships we have established with financial institutions across the state gives us better rates and services than what a single entity might receive. We have a staff of employees solely dedicated to the management of your investments so that your entity will maximize its return while protecting the principal.

Because of the number of clients we serve, we are able to leverage those accounts and investments into positive relationships with financial institutions across the state.

This allows us to:

  • Negotiate better rates & services for our Clients
  • Dedicate staff solely to the management of our clients’ investments to maximize their return, while protecting their principal and maintaining liquidity.

The firm provides arbitrage services for water districts and municipalities that have issued tax-free municipal bonds. These services are necessary in order for districts to remain compliant with Internal Revenue Service guidelines associated with tax-free bond issues. The following services are included as part of the firm’s arbitrage program:

  • Analyze each bond issue for Yield Restriction Requirements;
  • Analyze each bond issue for Rebate Calculation Requirements;
  • Provide a summary sheet of analysis with corresponding backup for the current period;
  • Work directly with Arbitrage Rebate companies to present engagement letters for any required formal reports, as necessary, for Board approval;
  • Maintain schedule of reporting due dates of each outstanding bond issue to help facilitate timely completion and filing of compliance reports as required.

Since 2000, over eighty (80) of our clients elected to participate in our Utility Savings Program for water districts. The purchasing power created with this program allows us to negotiate substantial cost savings and favorable terms and conditions for our clients with a very reputable service provider. The program offers participating districts the option of a fixed price contract or a flexible price plan.

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